A Women, Food & Forgiveness Retreat

February 20 - 24, 2019, Crestone, Colorado

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Do you know, deep in your soul, that you’re using food and extra body weight to stuff down a dream you have … a longing for success you dare not feel … a power you hesitate to express?

Perhaps you had to play small and stay invisible in order to survive an early-life stressful experience.

Or you had to look and behave a certain way to fit in to your tribe, and you used the food and the weight to just get by.

Whatever your reasons … If you know the time has come to grow beyond your internal voices of disempowerment and awaken your feminine brilliance, please join me for an extraordinary 5-day retreat in Crestone, Colorado.

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We are at a crucial tipping point on Mother Earth.

As our social and natural environments spiral into ever-deepening levels of chaos, movements to heal, forgive, and repair our society and our planet are arising as never before.

Much of this activity is being led by women who are shedding their limited beliefs of what is possible for them and are forging a new paradigm of feminine power destined to heal themselves, their communities, and Mother Earth herself.

Like these women, you know there’s a deeper power inside of you that wants to emerge, express itself, and benefit you and your world.

You know you have gifts to share, creativity to express, beauty to emanate, and service to perform, regardless of the number on the scale.

Yet finding time and space to listen and act on your deeper knowing can feel impossible when you’re immersed in your daily-life demands.

What would become possible … if you gave yourself the space you need to go deeply inward and touch the wellspring of this power?

Imagine yourself in a beautiful mountain setting … having space just for you … supporting and being supported by those of us who see your light ….

What might such an experience bring forth in your being?

If you’re ready to shed the voices that say “I can’t” and shine your light for the sake of your world, please join me for an extraordinary 5-day retreat in Crestone, Colorado.

You’ve made big progress toward healing your relationship with your food. You’re craving less, bingeing less, and practicing better self-care than you ever have before.

You’ve liberated layers of false beliefs and traumatic memories that used to make you reach for your trigger foods.

And yet something’s still missing. You’re not yet fully where you want to be.

If you’re ready to take a deep-dive into that missing piece, join me for this 5-day odyssey in Crestone, Colorado.

In this retreat, we will …

· Bless and release the false beliefs we inherited that were never ours to begin with

· Renegotiate vows we took and contracts we forged to stay small

· Heed and honor the messengers of our hormones and hone our self-care skills

· Harness archetypes of feminine power to guide our journey forward

· Allow ourselves to be witnessed as transformed women

· Trade in our outgrown identities and re-define ourselves through the future we want to create

· Sustain success on terms that support our deepest desires

We’ll dance, walk, play, eat delicious food, spend time in silence, and simply be in each others’ company.

Strangely and miraculously, I came home from our retreat (after eating from a buffet that often leads me to overeat) and got on the scale and had lost 4 pounds. I was shocked!

The weight loss is lovely—but more importantly, I really tapped into some emotions that I haven’t had the time or energy for. I worked through my personal abyss of darkness and cleared the pathways to follow my bliss!

Thank you again for what was one of my favorite 5 days ever.
— Jane M. Boston, MA
Experience profound spiritual energy at the Changchup Chorten Stupa, right down the road from the Silver Star

Experience profound spiritual energy at the Changchup Chorten Stupa, right down the road from the Silver Star

About Crestone, Colorado

Crestone, Colorado is a hidden mountain desert town in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado, 4 hours south of Denver and 4 hours north of Santa Fe.

Often called “the spiritual navel of North America,” Crestone has been a place where indigenous American peoples have gathered for centuries for shamanic training and deep ceremony.

Today, Crestone houses nearly 30 spiritual communities who live and practice here harmoniously.

It's one of the most powerful places in North America for personal transformation—and the perfect home for my work as a mindful eating mentor who helps women lose emotional and physical weight with EFT Tapping. 

We’ll be lodging at The Silver Star Lodge, a small B&B right up the road from my home. It's a charming place with 12 beds, a cozy kitchen, and a grand deck with stunning views of the valley. You'll be bunking in a room with 1 or 2 of your sister heroines in comfy beds with bedding and towels provided. All meals are included in the retreat tuition and will be served at the Silver Star.

I hope to see you here in Crestone for this amazing experience!