Can Beliefs Affect Your Weight?

How often do you find yourself saying, 

"I eat really well. I exercise. And I'm still not losing the damn weight!"

I don't want to bust your bubble, but if you're still thinking that diet and exercise are the only roads to weight loss, think again. Myriad other factors contribute to chronic stress and inflammation in the body and make weight loss nearly impossible:

  • Extreme exercise. Your ego might love it, but if your body feels like it's torture, and if you're chronically sore from punitive exercise regimens, ease up. Try taking a walk with a friend. 
  • Irregular sleep. Poor sleep hygiene wreaks havoc on all your stress hormones and keeps body fat intact. Turn off all electronics 2 hours before nighty-night. Sleep better, weigh less. 
  • Chemical exposure. What's in your shampoo, your nail polish, your household cleaner? If any of them contain ingredients you can't pronounce, chances are they're endocrine disruptors. Go green where possible.
  • Lifestyle stress. Putting yourself last on the list of folks you take care of? And then "taking care of yourself" with ice cream after everyone's asleep? Be selfish and put yourself first. Your body will thank you!

But more than any of these ... one of the greatest obstacles to weight loss is ... BELIEFS

When you want something and don't get it, some part of you doesn't want it yet.

And that's usually because it doesn't yet feel safe to have it. 

Maybe losing weight isn't safe because you believe

  • You can't stand the thought of another failure
  • You'll have to work so hard to keep the weight off  
  • You'll have to starve and deprive yourself forever
  • People will start commenting on your body
  • You might have to change other parts of your life: your marriage, your career, your creative dreams

Beliefs, in their essence, are choices.

But we can't make conscious choices when we're ruled by unconscious beliefs.

What does it take to clear a belief?

  • Teachings. Understanding where beliefs come from and how to clear them
  • Support. Not going it alone ~ joining forces with others on the same path
  • Practice. Giving up expectations of a quick fix ~ consistent daily actions produce the best results
  • Mentorship. Enlisting the guidance of one who has walked the journey

One belief that can really set us back is, "I don't have the discipline to make the changes I need to make."

If that feels true for you, listen and tap along with this EFT tapping script to clear the path to sustainable transformation in your weight and your life. 


Marcella FrielComment