Seventy-Three Years Ago...

On August 6, 1945, the world as humanity had known it changed forever. 

When the United States, with the consent of the United Kingdom, dropped a uranium atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima, and three days later dropped a plutonium bomb on the city of Nagasaki, human society was suddenly confronted with the very real possibility of its own destruction.

As medical intuitive Caroline Myss has pointed out,

"With the splitting of the atom, we had split ourselves from ourselves with the message to kill and destroy. We then had to put our spiritual development on fast forward to catch up with what we had unleashed technologically."

What is the best way to put your spiritual development on fast forward?


What is the most effective practice you can do to help the world right now?


What is the hardest spiritual realization to achieve?


Forgiveness is hard, but it's imperative. On a planet that's getting hotter by the day, in the most bilious and vitriolic political climate we've ever seen, we can no longer finance the luxury of hatred.

Like it or not, forgiveness is the only way out.

But it's not that easy, is it?

If you're like most of us, the prospect of forgiveness feels

  • Baffling: you have no idea how to do it

  • Overwhelming: it feels like a lot of work

  • Impossible: you can't imagine it could ever happen

  • Enraging: there's no way anyone should ever be forgiven

  • Unsafe: it means what they (or you) did is okay

Forgiveness rarely happens on its own. It's a skill we develop. A muscle we build. A step-by-step process we engage at our own pace. 

If you know you need guidance on how to forgive, let me walk you through the forgiveness process and give you simple tools that will powerfully excavate the subconscious obstacles that have held you back. 

You will feel, as one client said, "like I've lost 150 emotional pounds."

What does forgiveness have to do with healing your food?

Um ... everything?

My client Terry was making great progress with her food but still seized with anxiety whenever she went out to lunch with her girlfriends.

While the other women blithely ordered whatever they wanted from the menu, Terry sat silently obsessing over every item on the list, pitting what she wanted against what she felt she "should" have. 

I guided Terry back to the roots of these feelings, which lay in the entrapment she felt as a teenage mom watching all her girlfriends have fun, while she was swamped with a low-functioning husband and two kids to care for. 

We journeyed back to her high-school graduation, where she sat glumly on the sidelines while seeing her classmates receive awards and toss their caps in the air. 

Using EFT, I guided Terry through a visualization where she was able to re-write the memory as she would have liked to experience it.

In the new experience, she received a special award for being a young mom and blessing the planet with the birth of her two beautiful daughters. 

Self-forgiveness flooded through Terry as she imprinted this new scenario into her neuropathways. 

Weeks later, she reported, "I'm making healthy choices, and I just eat whatever I want now. And oh by the way, I've lost 15 pounds!"

If you're ready to get the relief that Terry has, but you're not quite there yet, listen and tap along to this EFT audio Tapping meditation to begin your journey of unconditional forgiveness. 


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