Free the Tatas! Dare to Go Braless~

No disease in human history has been as heavily marketed as breast cancer.

From pink-clad NFL cheerleaders to pink fracking drill bits to pink buckets of artery-clogging fried chicken, many corporations are "pinkwashing" their image in the hopes of getting good PR and/or obscuring the dark carcinogenic reality behind their products and activities. 

Before you don your pink T-shirts and start Walking for the Cure, take a look at this Washington Post article about the darker side of breast cancer awareness and fundraising. You might be shocked at what you discover, but it's better to know than to not know. 

Meanwhile, here’s one thing you can do today to promote breast health: Baby, take off that bra. I mean it.

If you would like a quick primer on alternative breast health awareness and practices, watch this five-part video series below, where Renee and I outline tips and tools you can begin practicing now that go way beyond Shopping for the Cure.

Marcella FrielComment