When Your Feelings Are Too Much to Bear

There are times when our feelings are just too much to bear.

These days, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the perpetual onslaught of trauma in the news. When we've got our own challenges to deal with on top of all that, it feels like more than we can handle, and before we even think twice we're reaching for the food. 

I want to suggest something that might be counterintuitive, but it's the most effective way I know for dealing with difficult feelings. 

Don't run away from them. Move toward them.  

As best you can, bring yourself to a place of stillness. Drop the story line and allow yourself to enter the energy of them as if you were entering a sacred temple. Feel the feelings without panic or judgment. Give them room to be. Notice how they shift and move from this act of simple witnessing. 

If you find it hard even to get to that very basic place of stillness, listen and tap along to this EFT guided meditation for starting your day in groundedness and peace. 


Marcella FrielComment