How Meredith Transformed Her "Blob" into Gorgeous

What is your “blob” telling you?

When my former client Meredith Vaish joined the Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy, she was a recovering Type-A refugee from the corporate rat race who was struggling with a repetitive stress injury, a deeply entrenched chocolate addiction, and a 40-pound "blob" of body weight that kept her depressed and stuck and miserable.

One year later, Meredith has not only reclaimed her soul from her cravings—she has joyfully launched the business of her dreams.

Her company, Pause Box, helps women break free from the overwhelm of always-doing by using the power of pause to transform their lives in lasting ways.

Listen and watch as Meredith describes what opened up for her when she paused to listen to her body for the very first time in her life.

If Meredith's story sounds like yours, and you too are ready to transform your "blob" into gorgeous, come join me at my retreat in late October, "From Emotional Eating to Emotional Freedom."

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Marcella FrielComment