Are Skimpy Summer Clothes Getting You Down?

I can just hear what you’re saying to yourself:

  • “This sleeveless top is showing off my bat wings.”

  • “I can’t stand wearing shorts anymore, with all this cellulite on my thighs.”

  • “I love going to the beach but hate being seen in a bathing suit.”

It’s easy in the wintertime to cover our perceived body flaws with bulky clothing that renders us shapeless. But in the summertime, there’s no hiding place.

We live inside such a widespread epidemic of body shame among women that we might not give ours a second thought.

But think about it for a moment:

What are you ashamed of, really?

And what is this shame costing you?

What energy, power, brilliance, and creativity might be available to you if shame about your appearance were not constantly hijacking your soul?

Is it worth it?

I’m going to tell you a little-big secret about shame. Once you get this, you’ll never see shame in the same way again.

Let me help you loosen up that stranglehold of body shame. Watch the video below and tap along to find joy in the body you occupy at this very moment.

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If the thought of baring your body in summer clothes fills you with shame and dread, join me for some rounds of EFT Tapping to liberate that shame and send it back to where it came from.
Marcella FrielComment