Worried About What You'll Eat on Summer Vacation?

Vacations are for relaxing, not obsessing

It's vacation time ~ are you freaking out about what you're gonna eat when you're away from home? Join me in some EFT Tapping to shift out of anxiety and let the good times roll!

It's Marcella here. A few weeks ago, in my Women, Food, & Forgiveness Academy, one of the women came on to our group Zoom call in quite a tizzy.

She was preparing for vacation ~ and sniffling back tears of worry about what she would eat while away from home.

I listened ~ and asked her one simple question that cut right to the heart of the issue.

I thought you too might be struggling with this, so I made an EFT Tapping video just for you.

If you're also obsessing over what you'll eat on vacation ~ or at that family get-together or office picnic ~ watch this video and do some Tapping with me so you can stop worrying and enjoy the fun!

Toward the end of this video I offer nuts-and-bolts tips for regaining sovereignty over what goes into your mouth while away from home. You deserve to watch this!

Are you done with beating yourself up over some diet that won't work anyway?

If so, join me on my next free "Taste of Forgiveness" Discovery Call.

Let's talk in real time about how my Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy can help you lovingly face the emotional issues behind your food behaviors, lose weight sustainably, and come into right relationship with your body.

It's time now ~ take my hand, and let's walk through this together.

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