Hello Dear Reader,

Tapping is not only a simple and effective tool for releasing food cravings—it can also be quite fun! Notice Anne’s delight as she taps away her chocolate bingeing.

Tapping is not only a simple and effective tool for releasing food cravings—it can also be quite fun! Notice Anne’s delight as she taps away her chocolate bingeing.

It’s Marcella here. I hope you’re enjoying Tap, Taste, Heal. If you’re like me, you might find it hard to tap and read at the same time—so I created this audio library to make it easier for you to use the Tapping Guides more efficiently.

I recorded the Guides exactly (ok—almost exactly) as they’re written, so that you could read and listen at the same time, if that appeals to you. I also peppered in some archival video footage to share with you some of the source material that went into the book.

You could use this library as an online audio course, starting at the beginning and tapping your way through. Or you could just pop open whatever section calls to you and listen randomly.

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Click on the chapter headings below to get started. And please keep me posted on your progress. I’d love to hear from you.


Chapter 1


are you willing resized.jpg

In this chapter I introduce you to the theory and history of this remarkable self-help stress-relief tool of EFT (also called Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping). I also tell you a powerful story about how my client Elizabeth released her decades-long diet-soda addiction in one session of Tapping.

There’s no audio recording connected to this chapter, as we haven’t started Tapping yet. To set the stage for your journey, I thought I would give you some journal questions here to prepare you for the work in the following chapters.

Begin by closing your eyes and taking three deep, conscious breaths. Then contemplate and journal on the following questions.

  • When it comes to your food and body-love struggles, what keeps happening?

  • If you’ve tried to resolve these issues previously, what, if anything, feels different this time around?

  • What has been the cost of these problems? What are they still costing you?

  • What vision do you hold of your healing?

  • What would it mean to you to fulfill this vision?

  • What action steps are you willing to take to get there?

Check back in on your answers to these questions as you progress throughout the chapters.

If you already know you’d like to go deeper with Tapping to heal your food and body-love struggles, I invite you to explore how my Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy can help you make the quantum shifts you’ve been seeking and create sustainable, long-term body-weight balance.

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Chapter 2

the basic recipe

In Chapter 2 I introduce the “basic recipe” of EFT Tapping and guide you through a simple warm-up exercise to loosen up your breathing while teaching you the technique.

If you’d like some “in-person” Tapping instruction, watch this video I created for my online course, “21 Tapping Meditations for Emotional Eating and Beyond,” that will walk you step-by-step through the technique.

After you feel like you’ve got the basic recipe dialed in, tap along with this “Constricted Breathing Exercise” audio recording.


Chapter 3

you haven't failed ...

In Chapter 3 we get real about the many reasons why dieting doesn’t work. And when I say that to you, I’m probably preaching to the choir.

You might well know that you’re done with dieting, but you might be addicted to the idea that dieting is the only way to lose weight.

If that sounds like you, watch and tap along with this bonus video that I created for my clients in my Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy.

You can also tap along to the audio Guides below to cut yourself loose from the misery of dieting.

Stop blaming yourself for your failures at dieting and give yourself the loving support you need to heal your food struggles for good. Save your seat on my next free “Taste of Forgiveness” Discovery Call for the Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy.


Chapter 4

the secret wisdom of sabotage

Did you have a lot of “aha” moments when you were reading about vows, contracts, and toxic ties in this chapter?

These are the teachings that blow so many people away—when they use Tapping to crack the code on these subconscious power leaks, their healing takes a quantum leap forward.

Use the following audio Tapping Guides as a template for helping you pinpoint where, how, and to whom you’ve unknowingly bargained away your power.


Chapter 5

filling the god-sized hole

Chapter 5 takes a raw look at the three characteristics of addiction and at how EFT Tapping can help you trade in your addictive behaviors for genuine self-care.

In this video conversation with my colleague Mimi Valiulis of Shambhala Online, I share what I feel is the biggest obstacle that women face when seeking to heal their mindless eating behaviors.

(I bet it’s not what you think.)

If you’re ready to free yourself from the bondage of shame around your food addiction, tap along with these two audio recordings.

Support from others is one of the most important tools for healing any addiction. If you’re ready to deeply heal your addictive food behaviors, sign up for a free Illumination Call to learn more about the Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy.


Chapter 6

goodbye jackson

In Chapter 6 I not only present my own very tender story of addiction withdrawal—I also provide a super-practical field guide for traversing the terrain of adventure that inevitably awaits you when you decide to embark on the healing journey.

The two audio Tapping Guides below will surprise you by how easily they can enable you to bid your trigger foods a fond farewell and get your inner Rebel on board for the healing you seek.


Chapter 7

the universe says yes ...

In Chapter 7 I guided you through the all-important task of healing your negative core beliefs and about how early-life experiences can shape your perceptions about how much health and success you deserve.

Use the audio Tapping Guides below to heal the wounded younger part of you who keeps you stuck in your past and to clear your subconscious resistance to success.


Chapter 8

eat food, not concepts

Chapter 8 presents a perspective on your food struggles that you’ll never hear from the $66 billion diet industry. If we are perpetually confused about what to eat, we’re perpetually buying the next diet shake, the next meal-replacement plan, the next fat-burning diet pill—and continuing to blame and berate ourselves for our continued failures.

The answers to your food struggles are much, much simpler than this multi-billion dollar juggernaut would ever have you believe. In this video I share the perspective I learned from my own culinary mentor on how to make sane, sensible, fad-proof food choices.

If that clarity still eludes you, listen and tap along to these audio Tapping Guides.

If you would like to receive solid, consistent support and guidance on making better food choices, I invite you to connect with me on my next “Taste of Forgiveness” Discovery Call for the Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy.


Chapter 9

breakfast: the key to a happy life

In Chapter 9 I encourage you—strongly—to get out of your breakfast rut if you want to sustainably curb your cravings and regulate your body weight without dieting.

This video presents a breakfast smoothie recipe that you’ve probably never seen before. It might seem strange at first, but try it before you knock it—this unusual beverage is a delicious and nourishing start to your day.

If strong habitual patterns still stand between you and the breakfast you know you’d like to eat, listen and tap along to this audio Tapping Guide to begin your day on solid nutritional footing.


Chapter 10

dancing in the kitchen

In Chapter 10 I explore the curious paradox that we, as a culture, complain that home cooking takes too much time—yet we’ve miraculously found an extra 3 1/2 hours per day to surf the Internet.

What’s that all about?

Don’t let the food industry brainwash you into thinking that home-cooking is a drag. You stand a much better chance curbing cravings and losing weight with home-cooked fare than you ever will on fast-food, take-out, or even high-end restaurant fare.

You owe it to yourself to find your dance in the kitchen. Listen and tap along with these audio Tapping Guides to find your rhythm and get started.


Chapter 11

can I love myself even with this?

In Chapter 11 I get right to the core of the issue. Contrary to what you might imagine, true forgiveness is more than simply saying that what you or someone else did is okay.

Forgiveness, in essence, is calling your spirit home from the people, places, and situations that have caused you to lose faith in your capacity to heal.

It is getting your emotional energy into present time so you can create the future you desire free from the shackles of your past.

And forgiveness is, as we know, much easier said than done.

Listen to the audio Tapping Guides that follow—do them every day if necessary—until you find liberation, peace, and relief.


Chapter 12

the many flavors of gorgeous

Who says you’re not beautiful? Don’t let the fashion industry’s ridiculously impossible standards cause you to dim the light on your brilliance.

Remember that Mother Nature always expresses her creativity and beauty in diversity and that your uniqueness is part of her design.

In Chapter 12 I take you through the swampland of shame and show you a perspective that you’ve probably never considered before:

The shame you’ve been carrying is not yours.

It’s a toxic residue you’ve picked up along the way from someone else’s expectations of who or how you should be.

Use the audio Tapping Guides that follow to detox your emotional body from shame and let the beauty you are shine through.


Chapter 13

your life is the supreme meal

I want ask you some radical questions:

  • What blessings might your struggles with food and body love hold for you?

  • What gifts have you gained that you wouldn’t otherwise receive?

  • And what lessons are you learning that, for you, there was no other way to learn?

When we can discover gratitude and appreciation for even the most painful circumstances of our lives, we have a magical key for cleaning up our psyches, our society, and, indeed, our entire planet.

Tap along with the audio Guides below to heal your overconsumption excesses and come into harmonious relationship with your food habits.


Chapter 14

making friends with success

“The most remarkable feature of this historical moment on Earth is not that we are on the way to destroying the world—we’ve actually been on the way for quite a while. It is that we are beginning to wake up, as from .png

In Chapter 14, the final chapter, I invite you to explore your heart’s deepest desires. What greater purpose is calling you into a braver vision of who you know you can be?

And what part of you has been using food to silence this call?

For as much as you’ve been afraid of failure, I invite you to consider that you might be even more afraid of success. The pain we know is much more comfortable than the pain we don’t know.

Fear not, however—help is on the way. Tap, Taste, Heal concludes with four extremely powerful Tapping Guides—including two on manifesting the you of your future.

Allow yourself to have the breakthrough you’ve been seeking. Tap on these Guides regularly to welcome success into your life as a delightful new friend.