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Tapping has become so popular over this last decade because it’s easy and it works!  Read this conversation between me and Madisyn Taylor , founder of DailyOM, to learn about the wonderful results you can expect from my course “Lose Emotional and Physical Weight with Tapping.”

Tapping has become so popular over this last decade because it’s easy and it works! Read this conversation between me and Madisyn Taylor, founder of DailyOM, to learn about the wonderful results you can expect from my course “Lose Emotional and Physical Weight with Tapping.”

Are you looking for affordable ways to use EFT Tapping to change the self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that drive you blindly to binge eating, sugar addiction, yo-yo dieting, and chronic body shaming?

Look no further. I’ve got the goods for you. Check out my two courses on DailyOM:

“Lose Emotional & Physical Weight with Tapping”

As women, we are vessels by nature. We are conditioned to hold and contain the pain of others while bypassing our deeper truth. When others harm us, we are conditioned to believe it's somehow our fault.

If there's no way to release those emotions and beliefs, we harm ourselves with substances such as food.

If you are ready to release the deeper pain that sabotages your experience of sane eating, allow me to mentor you through this 21-day journey to lightness, physically and emotionally.

By the end of our time together, you'll notice a remarkable shift in your perspective. What you once thought was an impossible task will be surprisingly within reach.

Oh, and you'll also find yourself eating better and feeling better.

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If you're someone who struggles with excess weight and food habits that don't serve your highest good, chances are you're already under a lot of stress: from taking care of others at the expense of your own well-being; from internalized shame, anger, and regret; and from life circumstances that always seem to feel like an emergency.

If you're following restrictive diets and punishing exercise regimens without addressing the core stressors that run your life--losing weight will always feel like an endless uphill battle. You lose a little, it comes right back. You're "good" with your food, then go "off the wagon" when the going gets tough.

But what if you could relax your way to weight loss and body love?

Impossible, you say? In my observation, relaxation is the key to holistic, sustainable weight loss and body love. When the body gives itself permission to relax, the hormonal system becomes a finely tuned metabolic orchestra, and those extra pounds receive blessings and permission to say goodbye for good. This course will show you a path to body peace that runs deeper than weight loss.

What women say about these courses

Can you really heal through this work?

Nearly 40,000 women have taken these courses. Below is a sampling of what most have reported. Read their words and decide for yourself:

Marcella, I just finished your Tapping and meditation class on DailyOM and, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you. I feel, for I believe the first time in my life, free of food bondage. I don’t have the non-stop cravings and fixation on food anymore—nor the self-hatred. This has been a huge shift. Thank you so very much. You are a blessing to this world.
— Deanna N.
[Marcella’s] guidance in forgiveness while tapping is absolutely amazing and I can feel it lifting layers off the subconscious levels I haven’t been able to break through in all my other attempts. Once again, very grateful for this course!
— darlene y.
These meditations have helped calm that frantic inner voice that is super judgmental and full of negative self-talk.
— kathy m.
I used the tapping several times yesterday to de-stress and I found that I made healthier choices. When eating out I stuck to my diet plan, and I was happier for it. I was full all day and I was able to relax and concentrate on being with my friends and not feeling guilty about overeating or making the wrong choices.
— holly w.
I have tried every diet around and nothing has worked. I’ll be 67 in April and have followed the same upward weight-gain path. Tapping is working for me! Yesterday I craved chocolate. In the past I would have taken a handful of Kisses and stuffed them in my mouth as fast as I could unwrap them. I tapped, took one Kiss and savored it while sitting down. No more craving! I was shocked! Totally! So stick with it—you got this!!!
— kendra w.
I met my inner mentor with Marcella’s guided meditation. It was an owl that sat on my left shoulder. After visualizing, I was able to feel forgiveness for a trauma from my childhood which I believe is at the root of my food addiction. It seems miraculous and almost unbelievable but I did feel a deep sense of peace and kindness.
— michelle c.
PS: I’ve lost 10 lbs. I don’t feel afraid of it. I feel at peace with the journey, and all will be provided for me. I’m not alone.
— cecilia h.
Your DailyOM tapping for emotional eating meditations are profound and wonderful. You clearly put a lot of time and thought into digging into so many different roots of emotional eating. Thank you for this tremendous work you do. I want to love myself like you love yourself.
— rita c.
I just completed Lesson 10 to make peace with my trigger foods. This tapping exercise with Marcella was useful and important. I cried through the entire Tapping exercise, such a release of emotion. And when it came to eat the trigger food, I slowly ate one piece and took in the scent, the texture, the bite and flavor as a unique thing without anything else attached to it. I didn’t want more. However, when I went to close the container my instinct was to reach for more. I caught myself and just closed the cover without feeling deprived. Nice.
— michelle c.
I feel freedom to love myself more and more. The 21 tapping meditations course is a very powerful support to this one and without it I don’t think I would be doing as well as I am. Everyday tapping really helps me - I don’t feel like an addict anymore around food!
— christina h.
I joined this course to coincide with my joining Noom. I love my Noom weight loss involvement. It is the best experience I’ve had with tackling my overweightnees. So I’m grateful for that. However, I’m so much more grateful for my involvement with this course. I have had many traumas and am presently going through some right now. Having the Heroine by my side; giving me the comfort I have been in search of is just what the doctor ordered.
— kathryn n.
The tapping breaks down barriers and helps me soften towards myself. I replace the food with relationships and need for attention. I’ve had some loving reconnections with parts of my younger self that just want to be seen and embraced as they are. Thank you for these teachings!
— ruby w.
Your work resonates very deeply with me. I have only done 9 days of the tapping programme, and I am very excited about how I feel. It is as if there might be light at the end of the longest darkest tunnel after all. So thank you for what you have opened up within me already, and I look forward to what is ahead ... to freedom!
— lucy a.