Awaken Your Feminine Brilliance

A women’s retreat with Marcella Friel

February 20-24, 2019, Silver Star B&B, Crestone, CO

What does your life have to do with the fate of society? What does it have to do with the well-being of Mother Earth?

We are at a tipping point here on Mother Earth. Our entire planet is teetering on the edge of destruction. Societies all over our globe are experiencing unprecedented aggression, warfare, and plague.

Simultaneously, movements to heal, forgive, and repair are arising as they never have before. Much of this activity is led by women who are shedding their limited beliefs of what is possible for them, what they are capable of, and are forging a new paradigm of feminine power designed to heal themselves, their tribes, and Mother Earth herself.

Where does your life fall on this continuum?

Feminine power is an entirely different expression than masculine power. For millennia feminine power has been undervalued, suppressed, persecuted, etc. Now at this time on Earth, we’re awakening to the fact that we need a different way.

In this retreat we will explore, in a playful, contemplative setting, powerful natural setting, you will have the opportunity to be guided inward, to go deeply inward, to inventory your personal relationship to and expression of power, to discover what is authentic to you and what are the best ways you can implement and express this power right away.

We’ll follow the path of the Heroine’s Journey (just as we did in the DailyOM course) to track the entire arc of the journey.

Crestone, Colorado is a hidden mountain desert town in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Southern Colorado, 4 hours south of Denver and 4 hours north of Santa Fe.

Often called “the spiritual navel of North America,” Crestone has been a place where indigenous American peoples have gathered for centuries for shamanic training and deep ceremony.

Today, Crestone houses nearly 30 spiritual communities who live and practice here harmoniously. It's a powerful place for personal transformation—and the perfect home for my work as a mindful eating mentor who helps women lose emotional and physical weight with EFT tapping. 

Strangely and miraculously, I came home from our retreat (after eating from a buffet that often leads me to overeat) and got on the scale and had lost 4 pounds. I was shocked! 

My pattern is that if I work really, really hard and am very clean with my food, I will lose .5 to 1 lb. per week and no more. It was eerie and wonderful.  

The weight loss is lovely—but more importantly, I really tapped into some emotions that I haven’t had the time or energy for. I worked through my personal abyss of darkness and cleared the pathways to follow my bliss!

You are terrifically gifted: smart, warm, kind, intuitive, real, alternative but practical, generous and extremely well read. I simply loved being with you. Thank you again for what was one of my favorite 5 days ever.
— Jane M. Boston, MA