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Mindful Eating: Joining Heaven & Earth at the Meal Table

If you think of mindful eating as chewing on a single raisin for hours on end, think again. Exploring food with Marcella is anything but a chore or a bore.

This 8-week online course brings together cutting-edge spiritual teachings and scientific research (heaven), practical tools (earth), and group support to transform food from a means of survival to an expression of personal dignity.

You’ll not only enrich your practice of mindful eating; you will learn simple, effective tools for resolving the unconscious behaviors that sabotage your relationship with food, so you can effortlessly enjoy your food at meal time.

“My biggest takeaway has been the mindful eating exercise — it blew my mind when the struggle melted away once I had really taken the time to taste some of the junk I was eating! Just letting myself taste will lead me to good nourishing foods, and that’s really effortless.”

-Pamela B., Walnut Creek, CA