It’s Marcella here. Thanks so much for signing up for my free mini-course:

The Secret Wisdom of Sabotage: the Real Reason You “Cheat” on Your Diet

If you beat the daylights out of yourself because you “cheat” or “slip” after you’ve been “good” for a while, I created this mini-course just for you.

By learning the information and using the tools I offer below, you’ll release the beliefs and behaviors that have kept you stuck in self-sabotaging patterns while building the muscle to stay on track with the changes you truly want to make.

To get started, listen to the audio talk that follows. It’s 45 minutes long, so you might want to change into some comfy clothes, make yourself a pot of herb tea, get your journal, and settle in for a good listen.

Kathy from Michigan did just that. And here’s what she had to say afterward:

I just took six pages of edge-to-edge, top-to-bottom notes. WOW. This has been extremely educational for me.
I knew right from the words at the start that you were going to teach me something profound. Thank you so much for this talk. Much love right back to you & hugs from Michigan!
— Kathy Mc C.
Tapping with Marcella EFT How-to Chart

Now that you’ve learned all about the real reason why you cheat on your diet and feel empowered to love and forgive yourself, let’s do some EFT work.

Tapping will help you give yourself permission to move forward in your healing goals without continually feeling the need to slide backward.

Use this EFT How-to Chart to learn the basic technique, then keep the chart handy as you listen and tap along to the two audio Tapping Guides that follow.

These guides address the most common dilemmas women express when they are caught in the grips of self-sabotage:

  1. “I Eat Great, then Sabotage Myself”: Well, this doesn’t need any further explaining, does it?

  2. “I Have So Much Trouble Sticking with Anything”: This guide will help you overcome the habit of starting something and quitting halfway.

Finally, here’s a Facebook Live video that I made for the women in my 6-month transformational mentorship program, The Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy.

Watch and tap along with this video whenever you start giving yourself a hard time about something you ate—that you wish you hadn’t.

I hope that this course has helped you gain deeper insight into your so-called acts of sabotage and cleared your way forward.

If you’re curious to learn more about how my Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy can guide you on a path of unconditional self-love & hormonal and emotional balance, click the button below to sign up for a free 45-minute Illumination Call. I look forward to connecting with you!