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Most healthy eating coaches will tell you what to eat and what not to eat. 

They'll suggest a punitive calorie-counting regimen or some other dreadfully restrictive "thou-shalt-not" program. 

I would never do that. 

As a natural foods chef, energy healing practitioner, and meditation instructor, I have developed a remarkably effective blend of tools and practices to help you not only heal your food but profoundly transform your health and, indeed, your life. 

Let me tell you a little more about how I do it. 




The main tool I use in my work is Tapping (also called "Emotional Freedom Techniques" or "EFT"). 

Tapping is a gentle, powerful self-help tool that reduces the emotional impact of memories and incidents that trigger stress.

Tapping combines coaching techniques with acupressure in the form of fingertip tapping on acupuncture points. The tapping acts as a circuit breaker on the electromagnetic signal of the stress and diffuses its emotional trigger.

Tapping can be extremely helpful in dealing with food-related issues, such as

  • Emotional eating

  • Binges and cravings

  • Food allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances

  • Negative body-image

  • Undesirable food habits

  • Confusion about what and how to eat

Tapping with you seemed really silly at first, but by the time we were finished, I did feel different, and better. Thanks for renewing my faith in the technique!
— Renee R., Santa Rosa, CA

To start using Tapping right away to heal your food behaviors, sign up here for my online course, “21 Tapping Meditations for Emotional Eating and Beyond,” hosted by DailyOM.



Without a good breakfast in your belly first thing in the morning, you stand a slim chance (no pun intended) of resisting food cravings and binges.

Breakfast is the most important tool you have for balancing your blood sugar, regulating your body weight, stabilizing your mood swings, and keeping your precious and delicate hormones singing in perfect harmony.

If you're not a big fan of breakfast, let me help you create a breakfast regimen that meets your lifestyle and needs. 

Read my article about breakfast, and you'll know what I mean. 

fermented foods


Have you caught the buzz about fermented foods?

If you beat yourself up for your so-called "lack of will power," just let that go right now. 

The latest research now shows that imbalanced gut ecology can drive you to crave and binge on those Krispy Kremes and Häagen-Dazs. 

Lacto-fermented foods such as sauerkraut can help restore your gut ecological balance, which in turn reduces chronic inflammation, which means ... you guessed it ... reduced cravings, fewer binges, and a body weight that feels just right. 

Through in-person or online instruction I can help you make fizzy, tasty fermented treats that will make your belly very, very happy.

Please visit my YouTube channel for some fun and informative how-to videos to get you started. 


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Forgiveness liberates you from your past, brings your energy into present time, and allows you to create the future you desire. 

Bringing forgiveness to our eating habits plugs us into an energy bank of grace that turns us naturally toward self-loving food choices.

In our work together you will see that everything you ever thought was bad or wrong about your choices, your habits, or your history were in reality only stepping stones to your success and freedom.

You will come to be grateful for your past and ready to move forward into a transformed future.

Why is it so hard to forgive? Let me share my thoughts with you in this blog post. 

I just wanted to touch hearts and say again how much I have gotten from our work together, Marcella. My feelings of release, freedom and openness are genuine and profound right now. I have moved through so much darkness with your guidance and insight that I am simply in awe. You are truly gifted, and I feel blessed to have found you.
— Audrey W., longmont, co

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