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the women, food & forgiveness academy


It's not just about your food.

It's about your life. 

THE WOMEN, FOOD & FORGIVENESS ACADEMY is a 6-month transformational mentorship program for health-conscious women who are ready not just to make wiser food choices but also to discover emotional, hormonal, and spiritual balance in their lives.

This is not about stepping on the scale every week and reporting your numbers to the group. It’s not about restriction, will-power, shame, blame, or guilt of any kind. 

This program is designed to place your food challenges in the context of your entire life—including your physiology, your emotionality, and your spirituality—and to activate the healing needed at every level to get you where you want to be.  

Joining me in this program is my colleague Mary Sheila Gonnella of Occidental Nutrition. Mary Sheila is a board-certified nutrition consultant and Ayurveda practitioner who specializes in helping clients balance blood sugar as the key to preventing or reversing diabetes, stabilizing mood swings, and regulating body weight. 

Mary Sheila and I combine group support and individual coaching to help you

Learn the foods best suited to your constitution and integrate them into your eating habits easily and pleasurably

Re-balance your hormones, fire up your digestion, and reset your metabolism so your body can burn fat and utilize nutrients more efficiently

Release your cravings, improve your sleep, and lift your mood with amino acid supplementation

Detox your emotional body from self-blame and discover genuine forgiveness

Unload stress to help you feel peace, joy, and ease in your body

Give yourself permission to pursue the creative dreams you’ve had on hold for too long

Make friends with success on terms that support your highest well-being

If you know you are ready to blossom into the woman you are meant to be and are committed to showing up for the journey, please join us. 

To learn more about the academy, contact me to schedule a complimentary Illumination Call. 

I have not binged since that weekend with Marcella. I have not even wanted my ginger cookies that I have been totally addicted to for years now. I thought the result would be fleeting, but here I am weeks later without the cravings.
— karen g., denver, co


classes, events & retreats

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online class:

“Mindful Eating: Joining Heaven & Earth at the Meal Table”

September 15, 2018
Shambhala Online

If you think of mindful eating as chewing on a single raisin for hours on end, think again. Exploring food with Marcella is anything but a chore or a bore.

This course brings together cutting-edge spiritual teachings and scientific research (heaven), practical tools (earth), and group support to transform food from a means of survival to an expression of personal dignity.

You’ll not only enrich your practice of mindful eating; you will learn simple, effective tools for resolving the unconscious behaviors that sabotage your relationship with food, so you can effortlessly enjoy your food at meal time.

My biggest takeaway has been the mindful eating exercise — it blew my mind when the struggle melted away once I had really taken the time to taste some of the junk I was eating! Just letting myself taste will lead me to good nourishing foods, and that’s really effortless.
— Pamela B., Walnut Creek, CA


online class:

“Lose Emotional & Physical Weight with Tapping”



As women, we are vessels by nature. We are conditioned to hold and contain the pain of others while bypassing our deeper truth. When others harm us, we are conditioned to believe it's somehow our fault.

If there's no way to release those emotions and beliefs, we harm ourselves with substances such as food.

If you are ready to release the deeper pain that sabotages your experience of sane eating, allow me to mentor you through this 21-day journey to lightness, physically and emotionally.

By the end of our time together, you'll notice a remarkable shift in your perspective. What you once thought was an impossible task will be surprisingly within reach.

Oh, and you'll also find yourself eating better and feeling better.

Marcella, I’m on Day 15 of your course and just did your guided meditation on healing my younger self—twice over! What a revelation this course has been!

I realized that the core belief of “I’m ugly and grotesque and unlovable” stemmed from a series of molestation experiences I was subjected to as a teenager, growing up as I did in small-town India.

I’ve been tapping and tapping, cleaning up layer after layer of that and other mistaken core beliefs. I’m taking my time with your course. I do one day’s tapping over 3 to 4 days.

Thank you Marcella for being my guide on this journey. Bless you!
— Priya T., India