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the women, food & forgiveness academy


THE WOMEN, FOOD & FORGIVENESS ACADEMY is a comprehensive online transformational mentorship program for health-conscious women who are seeking to create emotional, hormonal, and spiritual balance in their lives.

This is not another diet. It’s not about stepping on the scale and reporting your numbers to the group. It’s not about shame, blame, or guilt of any kind.

This program places your food and body image challenges in the context of your entire life. It is designed to help you acquire the self-care skills you need not just to heal your food but to live with joy, serenity, and deep purpose on this earth.

My team and I combine group mentorship and individual support to help you

  • Learn the foods best suited to your constitution and gain the skills to prepare them joyfully

  • Fire up your metabolism and curb cravings with amino acid supplementation

  • Practice the self-care skills that will help you discover metabolic and hormonal harmony

  • Detox your emotional body from the guilt and shame you’ve been carrying too long

  • Make friends with success on terms that support your highest good

If you know that your struggles with food are about more than the food… if you’re ready to heal these issues at the core of your being… and if you’d like to learn more about how the Academy can support you, click here to save your seat on my next “Taste of Forgiveness” Call.

Marcella’s work is not for the faint of heart. Learning to love myself unconditionally has been gut-wrenchingly hard and beautiful and has required me to dig deep into the most tender parts of my soul. I wanted weight loss, this happened ... but not by counting calories and cutting carbs. It happened because I healed myself from traumas that have plagued me for many years. Marcella breathed life back into my soul. I am a work in progress, and I have immense gratitude for this life-altering journey.”
— Pamela H., Cascade, CO


classes, events & retreats

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online classes on DailyOM:

“Lose Emotional & Physical Weight with Tapping”

As women, we are vessels by nature. We are conditioned to hold and contain the pain of others while bypassing our deeper truth. When others harm us, we are conditioned to believe it's somehow our fault.

If there's no way to release those emotions and beliefs, we harm ourselves with substances such as food.

If you are ready to release the deeper pain that sabotages your experience of sane eating, allow me to mentor you through this 21-day journey to lightness, physically and emotionally.

By the end of our time together, you'll notice a remarkable shift in your perspective. What you once thought was an impossible task will be surprisingly within reach.

Oh, and you'll also find yourself eating better and feeling better.

“21 Tapping Meditations for Emotional Eating and Beyond”

If you're someone who struggles with excess weight and food habits that don't serve your highest good, chances are you're already under a lot of stress: from taking care of others at the expense of your own well-being; from internalized shame, anger, and regret; and from life circumstances that always seem to feel like an emergency.

If you're following restrictive diets and punishing exercise regimens without addressing the core stressors that run your life--losing weight will always feel like an endless uphill battle. You lose a little, it comes right back. You're "good" with your food, then go "off the wagon" when the going gets tough.

But what if you could relax your way to weight loss and body love?

Impossible, you say? In my observation, relaxation is the key to holistic, sustainable weight loss and body love. When the body gives itself permission to relax, the hormonal system becomes a finely tuned metabolic orchestra, and those extra pounds receive blessings and permission to say goodbye for good. This course will show you a path to body peace that runs deeper than weight loss.

Marcella, I just finished your Tapping and meditation class on DailyOM and, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you. I feel, for I believe the first time in my life, free of food bondage. I don’t have the non-stop cravings and fixation on food anymore—nor the self-hatred. This has been a huge shift. Thank you so very much. You are a blessing to this world.
— Deanna N., Medina, OH