Mindful Eating Mentor for Health-Conscious Women


the women, food & forgiveness academy

If you know…

  • that your food and body-love struggles run deeper than will-power, dieting, and exercise

  • that negative beliefs about yourself are keeping you stuck in these struggles

  • that you want to lose weight, and you want to love yourself exactly as you are, regardless of the number on the scale

  • that you’d like a holistic solution to these issues rather than just another damn diet

  • and that you’re ready to do deep inner work to make the quantum progress you’ve been seeking

I invite you to explore the Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy.

A path to holistic, long-term body-weight balance

THE WOMEN, FOOD & FORGIVENESS ACADEMY is an online program for health-conscious women who seek to heal their emotional wounds, create new self-care habits, and cultivate holistic, sustainable body-weight balance.

This is not another diet. We don’t freak out if you eat a chocolate-chip cookie.

This program places your food and body-love challenges in the context of your entire life. It is designed to help you acquire the self-care skills you need to live with joy, serenity, and deep purpose on this earth while letting your body find its naturally comfortable size.

My team and I combine group mentorship and individual support to help you

  • learn the foods best suited to your constitution and gain the skills to prepare them joyfully

  • heal your metabolism and curb cravings with amino acid supplementation

  • practice the self-care skills that will help you discover metabolic and hormonal harmony

  • detox your emotional body from the guilt and shame you’ve been carrying too long

  • make friends with success on terms that support your highest good

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what women say about the academy

When Bethany joined the Women, Food & Forgiveness Academy in June 2018, she was struggling with depression, physical pain, and a sense of loss and frustration about how to change her predicament. Nothing was working. Listen as Bethany describes how her time in the Academy profoundly shifted not only her relationship to her food and her body but indeed her entire life.
I had been in a downward spiral of emotional eating and weight gain over the previous three years. Confusingly out of control because I’ve had years experience at dieting and losing weight, and I no longer cared to do either. Knowing I was killing myself with food (depression, obesity, HBP, and borderline diabetes). Though my actions said I didn’t care, my heart knew I really did, and that I was really hurting. I just did not know how to stop the downward spiral until I joined the Academy. I now have lost emotional weight and am motivated to care for myself with nourishing foods and to pursue swimming goals and even a new business adventure. It feels good to have a tribe of beautiful women to band together to share, uplift and support each other in our life journeys to health, wholeness in body, mind and spirit.
— frances h., ft. worth, tx
This Academy is not for the faint of heart. Learning to love myself unconditionally has been gut-wrenchingly hard and beautiful and has required me to dig deep into the most tender parts of my soul. I wanted weight loss, this happened ... but not by counting calories and cutting carbs. It happened because I healed myself from traumas that have plagued me for many years. Marcella breathed life back into my soul. I am a work in progress, and I have immense gratitude for this life-altering journey.
— Pamela H., Cascade, CO
I am so grateful for the series of events that brought me to Marcella. I have embraced many lessons in the Academy. Some required a great deal of self-honesty, soul-searching, and internal struggle. But I wouldn’t trade any of these moments if I had them to do over. With guidance and support from Marcella, I have been given the greatest gift of all: I have learned to truly love myself exactly as I am. Oh, and yes, I’m losing weight!
— connie w., north myrtle beach, sc
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started working with Marcella, but my life has changed for better. She has helped me embrace myself just the way I am. No judgment, only love and support. Yes, I’ve lost weight, but that’s just the beginning of my journey. This has been a life-changing positive experience.
— falguni k., portland, or
Immediately upon hearing Marcella’s voice in the DailyOM class and hearing her teachings, I was compelled to work with her. Marcella’s compassion, connection, and ability to mentor me in an empathetic, supportive, and wise way has enabled me to unpack significant emotions, process them and shape my perspective. The sense of support in the Academy, nutritional intelligence and self-care techniques I’ve learned has enabled holistic healing for me. I feel a calm in my nervous system for the first time in a long time. Marcella has wise insight and a gentle, nonjudgmental manner about her that elicits trust in her mentorship. I highly recommend reaching out to see if she is a match for your healing needs.
— amanda p., grand ledge, mi
For the first time in my life, I am living free from cravings. This opens up to me a world of choice that I’ve never experienced before working with Marcella. Marcella has a surprising ability to pinpoint and help you release exactly what’s keeping you stuck. I can now take the energy I used to spend “fixing” my eating and put it toward things in my life that truly matter to me. I am forever grateful.
— Meredith V., San Carlos, CA
Working with Marcella was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was time to face an area of my life that I’d felt beaten by. With Marcella’s guidance I have faced the emotional issues behind the weight and feel like I’m actually getting somewhere. I’m losing weight sustainably, I’m coming into right relationship with my body, I feel lighter emotionally and physically, and I’m more confident in my own skin. Marcella’s compassionate, loving, wise approach has been a godsend to me. I’m finally getting started on the healing I’ve desired for years.
— lola f., london

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