Can you imagine …

  • You’re no longer reaching for those trigger foods, and it’s not even a struggle

  • You release your yo-yo dieting and lose weight anyway

  • You love yourself even if you don’t make “perfect” food choices

  • You happily move into the life you’ve dreamed of while completely releasing the binge eating

  • After a lifetime of self-hatred, you can say, with heartfelt honesty, “I deeply love and accept myself”

My name is Marcella Friel, and I’m a mindful eating mentor who helps health-conscious women like you transform your relationship with food from a perpetual struggle to a practice of deep self-care. If you’re ready to go way beyond restrictive dieting and punitive exercise to experience the results my clients now have, please allow me to show you the way.

Marcella, what you do is revolutionary.
— falguni k., portland, or

your struggles with food are not your fault